LOVEVERY Play kits

Play kits specifically designed for learning at your child's current level


LOVEVERY Play kits

If I were to only buy one toy set for my kids, this would be it. Seriously, this is the best toy discovery I've made. I found them when Aria was 7 months old and we have been addicted and using them for both kids ever since. I wish I knew about it sooner. The toys are always at their level because there are kits for every 2 to 3 months of their growth that challenge them to push a little further. I recommend them to every parent with young kids.

Why I love it:

  • My #1 reason I love these toys is that they are always at the right level to provide the perfect amount of challenge. They are designed for each developmental stage and designed well. Kids 0-12 months get a new kit every 2 months (they're learning so fast at this stage!) and the 1 to 4 year old kids get a new kit every 3 months. Aria and Harper both start the play kit with some struggle but the tasks are always within reach. By the end of the period, they have improved and learned so much.

  • My kids are always engaged with the toys in their kits. Being within the zone of proximal development, aka "the sweet spot," has allowed my kids to be engaged and highly focused for longer periods of time than I thought possible. It always surprises me.

  • The toys in the play kits are optimized to their particular age range. However, the toys continue to be favourites in our house long after their specified period. For example, the "Slide and Seek Ball Run" in the 13-15 month old Babbler Play Kit continues to be something Aria plays with at 3 years old.

  • Being a parent is hard. And you might not feel like you always have time to figure out exactly how to best support your child's learning. LOVEVERY provides information on Every.Single.Toy in the play kit in a well-written booklet. It includes what they're learning with each toy and how to use it for that purpose. It has been an inspiration for me in how I post.

  • The toys are extremely well made. Seriously. 3 years and 2 kids later and all the toys could be mistaken for new. They have lasted through falling down the stairs, throwing, temper tantrums, and even drum lessons.

  • Each kit also comes with a story book set to match with your child's developmental stage. They often touch on social-emotional learning, such as feelings on a playdate, or match with recent milestones, such as having a birthday party.

LOVEVERY continues to be our go-to toys. I also appreciate that I can skip a play kit or unsubscribe at any time, if I wanted. We continue to subscribe but I like the ability to adjust the subscription to match our family's current needs.