Sounds & Magnetic Letters

7/17/20231 min read

There are so many ways to use magnetic letters. Playing with magentic letters is one of A's favourite things to do with me when H is sleeping. She is really into printing letters and words right now so I have taken her lead to use the magnetic letters to develop some letter and sound awareness.

This is the set we use (more information on why I love this set also found here).

Get started:

1) They pick their favourite word (guided as needed). Some favourites in our house right now are the names of our family members (e.g., Tango - our dog).

2) You write it on the whiteboard (large and neat) and bring out the letters you need.

3) Your child traces over it and then matches the letters. They can also just match the letters if they're not into printing.

4) You pick 1-2 sounds or letters for you to highlight with your child (e.g., a sound in Tango). This is key. Do not overwhelm them by trying to teach many sounds at the same time.


1) Try the same process with other words that have the same sound you just focused on (e.g., a).

What they're learning:

  • letters have names and sounds

  • the same letter/sound can be found in different words

  • letters look the same in different contexts

  • beginning printing (if your child is into this part)

What you can say:

  • "Let's pick a word together. Do you like _____ or ____"

  • "In the word ______ (e.g., Tango) I hear an "a" sound. Do you hear it? I'll say it again slowly" (say slowly, emphasizing your chosen sound)

  • "let's pay attention to what our mouth does when we say the ____ sound. What happens with our lips?" (use a mirror to see, if wanted)

  • "the word ______ (e.g., at) also has the ____ (e.g., "a") sound. Let's spell that one next!"